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Energy Tours

Every month I do an Energetic Tour according to a theme, this is with the idea that you connect with your Being and work areas of life to generate balance and equilibrium.

It is a service that I offer with great love for those who join.

I share information according to the inner journey we make, with affirmations and brief meditations to improve the lifestyle of women and men who want to connect with themselves.



Expansion of consciousness

Internal connection easily






It is a journey through your inner world towards the qualities of abundance and prosperity.


Each stage brings you into a new state of awareness about how you create abundance at each level of your life.


Get to know the energy centers, also known as chakras, through your inner world.


Each day you advance towards a new level of your Being, knowing its qualities and how to cultivate them in yourself.


Identify the path of Gratitude and experience your greatness through it.


Move towards your desires with practical exercises and meditations aimed at recognizing your richness of Being.


The stations of this tour will lead you to empower yourself and create success in your life.


Every day you set goals and above all fulfill them, with this trip you will be able to determine the results you want.


Lupita, Mexico

This is all wonderful.

Thank you very much, I loved this tour and of course I want to start the other one.



Fernando, SLP

I want to thank you for everything you have shared with me all these days, those moments of meditations have helped me a lot and I have felt very good.


Ydalmys, Venezuela

I loved this tour because from the beginning it takes you to approach abundance from points that one does not normally consider, enjoy my awareness of being that it is part of a whole and my gratitude towards what and those around me. Thanks!

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