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Female Transformation Plan

It is time to change your body, mind and emotions through a comprehensive development process for your well-being.

-Get a slimmer and above all feminine figure.

-Detoxifies your body naturally.

-Increase your vital energy and self-esteem.

-Learn to lead a healthy lifestyle without sacrifices.

All in a natural, harmonious and drama-free way.


Develop the skills to have a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Increase your self-esteem, physical, mental and emotional health, in addition to establishing a better relationship with yourself and your environment.




Addressed to:
Those who want to improve their body, relax and improve their quality of life.

Applied knowledge:
Raja Yoga
Reprogramming of habits.
Creative visualization
Healthy education in nutrition.

Female knowledge of beauty.



Colon detoxification. (Face-to-face session)

Organic detox plan.

Nutrition plan for transition to healthy eating.


4 online classes

Support group


Duration of the plan 1 month.


How much longer do you have to wait to transform your life to a new level of health and beauty?


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